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Here at Elements Art Center in Durant, we strive to create and design our paintings that appeal to the inner artist in you. Brush N Bubbly is our evening entertainment painting class that offers whimsical and relaxing paintings that are created in varying styles and subjects to help to express yourself in the most exciting ways. If you are new to painting, you are a perfect candidate! We will walk you brush stroke by brush stroke to complete your painting. Our artists are trained in both explaining the most complex of our paintings in the easiest ways, to help the experience be a positive one so that you will want to continue painting. We serve high point beer, wine, and spritzers to enjoy while you paint, and for those not of age, pregnant or simply don’t drink alcoholic beverages, we will have non-alcoholic drinks for you! And remember- we card!

It’s easy!

1. Choose your class based on the picture you want to paint.

2. Register online and pay.

3. Show up early to get you drink and get settled in to paint! And don’t for get your camera!


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